Crazy Pete

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well here it is up for grabs my trusty steed BLACK MAGIC ford econoline e150 dayvan custom if anyone interested get in touch 07798930154 sensible offer its yours, tax till end of jan mot feb 2012 regretable sale

:frown: crazy pete
No not selling your trusted steed . hope all is ok ??
if only i had money buddy
If it helps and you got an advert i could post it on mocgb for you if that helps?
Well I guess you can't drive 2 vehicles once Pontiac is on the road. Very sad though and I too wish I had the cash. Very excited about 1st go in the Starchief too. What we gonna name him???
how bout sitting bull ?????? as he's a cheif lol
well i will be putting a years ticket on it if not sold by end of jan or PX it, as for monty the ponty well see how it goes doin me best,

:hail: :drum:
That's great news Pete. Hope you got what you wanted for it. Is it staying in the club? Cant wait to see your Pontiac on the road, you have made great progress on that.
Hmm sad you sold him but happy cos i know i will see him again soon :whoo:
I felt the same when you bought Bazza, thought I would never see him again, then I go and join this little group and there he was!! :cheer2: