Beachbuggin - Sunday 14th August


Club co ordinator
Come along on Sunday 14th August and join us on Southsea Common as we have been invited to attend the 2011 Beachbuggin show.

Will probably meet up the hill and cruise down together. Times TBC

If you pre-book (i have forms) then it will cost you only ?5 per vehicle otherwise it will be ?10 on the day.

Lots to see and do and guaranteed to be a fun day out.
cool lookin forward to this one
Thanks ever so much for posting the forms honey :)
not a prob like i said anything i can do to help just yell
no worries . i'm guessin we are paying on the day at ?5 a car .. do we know when closing date is
:001_cool:hi trace im up for this but don't think i will be there till after 12.30

Bob have you registered for cheaper entrance fee? It might be too late now which means it will be a tenner on the day.

Leaving Portsdown hill at 9:30am as we have to be in place at 10am. Entrance will be marked opposite Queens Hotel
is it too late to attend this as if car passes mot i can pop along to help with no.s if you like???
comee on guys n gals lets all get down there sunday and show how big and fun our club is come on it'll be lovely day at the sea side
Darren you can turn up on the day but will cost you a tenner to get in thats all. We are meeting up the hill and leaving at 9:30am
think we need to give the club a kick lol, well ill beeeeee there wi me fishin rod as i hear the sea is close by lol, oh and BM looking forward to it, chillax day
Haha, bloody beetles, you need to give them a kick to start the damn things ;)
I am not going for them. I am going to say that The Renegades are finally on the common!!! Yaya!!
what a good day great weather and a good turn out thats more like it renegades :) and bazza and jessica side ny side on way home wow what a noise . nice one
Thanks to all for a lovely day, and really proud of my brother in law for getting trophy, and the ride home from the pub was loud, very loud, but good fun lol xxxx
Yep real good day and as Matt said good turn out, Was it 21 or 23 club car's im sure someone will know.Looked at the VW's well one car one van and one beachbuggy after that got boring. (just joking)
Sorry forgot this with doing mot saturday bit of greif sorting out handbrake but all done and past glad you all had a good time. hope to see you all at next show.