ace's cafe

Sorry hun its my baby shower day and the boys are playing workshops!!! Keep us posted with other events there though.
its my shower day to and i have to wash me hair :violin: oh well :drum:

Are you pokering that night?

I've never been to Ace Cafe yet, I will do it one day, but I'll be at the poker night that evening.
yeh be doing that but not if your playing as i need to win some times lol, and ace cafe is on every weekend through the year so plenty of time,
I don't know if poker is still on as Paul is starting the engine course that day. H is booked in to learn a few things!!
last time i spoke to paul sat engine build has been changed to friday as some could not make saturday so gather poker still on
thats a bummer i cant do fridays if that is when course is
I guess poker would be at night anyway, so would be after an evening course. Not long now till Poker night, will it be an all nighter one?
Just to confirm that the Engine Course is definately Sat 4th starting at 2pm and i don't think Poker night is on as H is coming home at 6ish. I am sure they will do one real soon though.