A new vehicle has been created in the garage!

Very nice car there. That's the ultimate car that Paul Bristow would like to get. Looks very clean and tidy, all your hard work has paid off.
thats awesome . will done gary and welcome
nice car...
Welcome to the mad house fellow petrolhead, oh and very nice motor.
Thanks for all your positive comments on the car - much appreciated. Incidentally TransAmDan - Paul Bristow (Pauls Place) is the guy who has just rebuilt the engine....and he made a great job of it too.
hi gary we met the other day when you brought your car into pauls, if you look in the garage you will see my pontiac i was chatting to you about,,, hope the chevy is running better now, catch up soon
pete from THE PAINT SHOP
Hello Pete - good to catch up with you again. The car still has the same problem but we know what the issue is and its valve seals. Paul will be sorting it soon. By the way - did you get my email about various Chevy vendors?
lovely motor,i had a 4 door hard top belair going back 5 year ago,i had a funny five mins and put it up for sale and sold,what a mistake that was,the 57 chevy belair are in my mind the ultimate car to own,never sell it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lovely car