50cc masai for sale



Hi im selling my 50cc masai pitbike(road legall)
It is mint condition, only done about 1600 miles.
I've had about 48 mph out of it.
In no rush to sell, just let me know with any offers..
Ps. this king of bike is hard to come across.

Location: Northwich, Cheshire.
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Could do with a cheap moped for work, but my eyesight must be eluding me....cannot see a price? And I assume that as this is solent-renegades, it is actually available down here?
Maybe my computer has removed all the relevant info that anybody would normally post in an advert?
I've done a check on the IP address on where the advert was posted from and its coming up with.
They could be more local that that, this may be where their internet provider is located. I mainly wanted to check that it was in the UK, as it could have been a spam post, we had many the other day.