1991 Pontiac Grand Prix For Sale ?650


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Hi All

I am selling my 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix. I bought it at the beginning of the year to do the cruises and shows while my Firebird has been off the road. But as it turns out, having another Yank to drive simply made me not bother to work on the firebird at all...(as was predicted)!

I will be sad to see it go, because apart from a couple of faults which were there when I bought it, it has been faultlessley reliable, goes like a rocket and drives lovely. It is generally in good condition inside and out and is all original, even down to the Pontiac radio cassette with controls on the steering wheel! It has a striaght pipe fitted in place of the back box and the 3.1 litre V6 sounds awesome! In fact it could almost pass for a V8! I still have the original back box, which will be sold with the car. The MPG is pretty good too and the car would make an ideal first Yank and even a daily driver.

The two faults are...
1. The brakes work fine and even lock the wheels (so no ABS), but the ABS light is always on.
2. The engine is smooth and powerful with no rattles, but has an oil leak, which I think is coming from the inlet manifold, as it only drips oil while running.

I have made no attempt to repair the faults and would rather just sell the car as it is, which is reflected in the cheap price. You can see pictures of the car in the garage section of this website.
I am looking for around ?650 ONO.

Call me on 07763 925090 for more info.

any luck with selling it will . wud like to have a look but depends if abi's chair fits in boot and how quick i can sell cruiser