1968 Ford Galaxie 500 big block lowered on wires.


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What can I say about this,the list is endless,everywhere you go in this you get admiring looks,this vehicle could make anyone instantly cool.

It is everything that you would want in a 60's yank saloon,it runs a 390 big block on a 2 barrel holly with a 3 speed auto,power steer and power brakes,it is just like driving a modern car.

suprisingly frugal on fuel if you cruise it,the engine is on tickover at 70.

lowered on springs and shocks,the ride is a little floaty,but all yanks are.

The body is solid as a rock,showing no bvious signs of welding or needing any,sod your modern mpv,you can seat 6 in this in comfort,3 in the front and 3 in the back.

Interior wise the seats are mint,the stictching on the headlining needs re doing,but not replacing,the carpets in the front are a little worn but to be expected for a 40+ year old car.

So to summarise,it is all on the button,mot'd,tax is free and ready to drive away.

price wise 5.5 k gets it. can be viewd in Gosport,may come on sunday in it,if not I'll be there in my vette.




wow if i only had the cash that's a nice car
Nice clean looking car
Awesome motor dude. But like everyone else, pockets are empty!!
I saw it at the brekky run, nice looking car.