10 % of at ebc brakes direct

saleen 192

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Thanks for the link, I think I may need some new front pads, and they have my car listed and pads in stock, how good is that. :)
Glad it helpped a fellow member.
I actually placed an order yesterday. I haven't change the front pads in many years, with the drilled and slotted disks they should be worn out by now. I did take a look when I was having my tyre changed and looks like there is some meat left on the pads. Best to keep some spare for when they are worn out.
Sub total was about ?103, then after adding VAT it came to ?90. It was actually cheaper, but they did add on many other discounts too. :)
Glad you are happy i was with my delivery a few months ago wonder if any other members will use them . as said before very good service and quick delivery and with the 10% discount cant be bad
The pads are here already, cant grumble at that. Nice bright yellow ones. Hopefully wont clash with the Red callipers.