Swapping out the rear shocks and springs on a 4th Gen Trans-Am

Swapping out the rear shocks and springs on a 4th Gen Trans-Am

Install Time : 20mins
Tools Requires :
  • Jack
  • Axle Stands
  • 21mm socket/ratchet
A quick install time and very few tools required. Jack the car up and place axle stands on the chassis rails in front of the pivot for the rear trailing arms. Place the jack under the centre of the axle, this will make it easier to raise and lower the axle to help remove the shocks.

Axle stands are taking the weight, the jack is only just touching the axle.


Next is to remove the nut at the bottom of the shock absorber. This is where the 21mm socket is required. You may need to raise or lower the axle with the jack to help get the shock out.


In the back of the car behind the back seat is the top of the shock mount.


Lift the flap of carpet and remove the foam.


There is the nut and locking nut at the top of the shock. This is also 21mm. Removing these nuts the shock will drop through to the ground. So easy to remove. When a new one is installed nip up until the rubber bushes start to squidge. Do not over tighten. There are two nuts so you can lock one against the other.

Now back to the springs, they are almost loose enough to pull out depending how long your springs are.

To make it easier to remove, lower the jack. It will just fall out with a helping hand.

Old spring next to the new ones. I'm fitting Strano springs, the old ones were Eibach installed 12 years ago.

There is a rubber cup at the top of the spring. This sits up in the recess.

Put the cop on top of the spring and fit it the same was the old one came out. Dosn't matter on the rotation, just that the spring fit in the cup in the recess of the cup.

Do the same for both sides.

As a test jack the axle up until it takes the weight of the rear of the car, watch the spring compress and that it is all seated where it should be. This made it handy for me to remove the axle stands from the body at this point.

The Strano springs are more for handling rather than lowering. Nice to see a gap in the wheel arch again. it was sitting low before.

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