Drives a Red Pontiac Trans-Am.

Electronics, Programming
17 Apr 1975 (Age: 48)
Waterlooville, Hampshire
Software/Hardware engineer
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Live and work in the Waterlooville area. I use the 2000 Trans-Am every day. Not many miles perday, but I give it a run now and again. Been a very reliable car.

I work as a software and hardware engineer. Designing circuit boards, generating the code for FPGA's in VHDL to communicate with the AVR RISC based processor, its quite a varied day. The circuit board design is like artwork, relaxing and rewarding at the same time. The programming is great too, the sence of control over something and you can make it as clever as you like. Also looking after the IT at work too.

In about 1996 I have a bright yellow Opel Manta, and drove past Frampton's garage in Purbrook. I saw this nice looking car in there. Wasn't sure what it was. Looking at it closely it looked like the Knight Rider car shape. i got my mechanic to take a look as I decided to buy it. It then became my 1989 3rd Gen Firebird which I owned for around 7 years. A few weeks after i got it, i parked it outside work. Martyn was working on air-conditioning in the building oppersite, he came over for a chat and get me into the car club. Thats how it all started.....


2000 Trans-Am WS6 383ci LS1 M6. (The Bat)
Corsa Cat back, 3.5" dual tips. F.A.S.T LSX Intake / F.A.S.T Fuel rails, Dynatech LT Headers / Y-Pipe / No Cats, Wisper Lid, ported MAF, Racetronix 42lb/hr fuel injectors. Hypertech 160 stat. !AIR, !EGR. Walbro 255, SPEC Stage III Clutch / Flywheel. HPTuners 1BAR SD Tune, Bored and Stroked to a 383ci, BTR IV cam, 235/242 .621"/.592" 111+3. Wide Band gauge.

More info and photos at:-


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