Worthing Sunny Sunday - 28th July 2024

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A message from the organisers

Please can we ask that you supply both your registration & mobile number. These are now required to pre-enter your vehicle.
Thank you.

Their email address to register with is:- sunnysundayrevival@outlook.com
I had, but heard nothing back yet. I guess we have a month to get our numbers.
Just received my number for Worthing. I sent my original application in May heard nothing so emailed them again on Tuesday and heard back in 2 days.

If anyone hasn't heard back, it's worth sending another email.
Found their flyer for the event.
Glad the flyer has the correct date on it!
Well spotted. I had in in the calender as the 28th, but for some reason I titled the thread the 30th, maybe I looked at June when creating the thread.