Whisky smoker


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I was on a work call to the head office in Brookings South Dakota. Someone mentioned a whisky smoker. I never heard of one. I know about that BBQ smokers but this whisky smoker sounds interesting.

Put some special woodchips in the hole, and give it a flame

Gives a great taste, I was skeptical at first. It does change the taste of the whisky. Very impressed.
Got it from Amazon.
Wasn't a work call then lol.🤣

Wasn't a work call then lol.🤣
We had many long meetings on Thursday. At the end of their day we done a social event, around 6 of us on the called from 10:15pm till 11.30pm. talking about all sorts, web cam was on. Good to have a laid back conversation with the people I work with.
That looks quite cool. Just thinking as well you could probably use it as a kitchen smoker as well if you used a slightly bigger bowl. Cheese or fish would probably work quite well. 💨🧀🍤
Don't give him ideas lol.🤣