What are the benefits of creating a RockAuto account?


While it's no problem for customers to place orders on RockAuto.co.uk without an account, there are some benefits to having one. With an account you can:

-Re-use multiple addresses from past orders (your office, your mechanic, your cousin with the big garage...)
-Quickly reach your vehicles in the RockAuto catalog (see our Help page for finding a part for a vehicle on your car list)
-Find and view past orders ("When's the last time I bought spark plugs for Mom's Buick?", "What was the part number of the oil filter I bought last time?"...)
-Edit your email and language preferences

If you currently don't have an account and want to create one, our Help page explains how to do so. Whatever you choose to do, RockAuto.co.uk is always open 24 hours a day to place orders and help you save money on your car part needs!