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Written by Ollie Marriage

A bit like the freemasons, every Top Gear event has a different handshake. A moment that not only tells you it"s underway, but that everything will be alright. This year"s happened like this. We all arrived at night to a quiet hotel, had a small bite to eat, drank absolutely no beer and went to bed early. The next morning we shuttled down to the paddock. Which we found entirely deserted. Eventually, one of our number remembered he"d been given some keys, labelled 31 to 40. Pit garage 31: empty. Pit garage 32: empty. Pit garage 33: radios (shouldn"t bother, all we do is lose them). Pit garage 34: snacks (wot no Quavers?) and not nearly enough water. Pit garage 35: drums labelled Repsol 100oct. By this stage anticipation and concern are building in equal measure. Five garages down, five to go, and no cars yet.

Date written: 11 Sep 2019

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