Trying Gumtree to sell the Camaro

Try Friday ads, Freeads and Preloved too .... still free like Gumtree if you've still had no joy :)
I just cant understand why it has not sold...Perhaps its to cheep and people think there is something wrong with it I just dont know. The Cadillac I had that I thought would be a pain to sell went first time on ebay for ?1850 And the garage that Brought it has sold it again on ebay for ?1800 Just makes no sense these days. The Camaro is back on ebay now with buy it now or make a offer and still nothing....Maybe its a sign lol mOr maybe I should sell my Astro and buy the Camaro.....Na I enjoy the Astro to much and its easier to take dog out and about in + kids n stuff :)

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Mmmmmmm possably does sort of limit the market i supose but I dont really want to start pulling bits about as from past expereance I pulled some paint of on one of my old cars But that was a few years ago and it was not narrow vinals like the ones on it, I have looked at other 97 4th gens I have seen on ebay and there has not been many lately expecally T tops with low miles they all seem to be priced between 3 - 4 k but I thought I had priced about right to sell quick Ha ha ha That worked NOT... But I do have some Intrest in it at the moment so fingers crossed and the questions are starting to arrive YAY 3rd time lucky???