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Hello everyone,

Sorry it?s been a while since last updating everyone.

For those of you that follow me and the class may have heard/read that we've had somewhat of an up and down season. It all started at Easter when I destroyed 2 gearboxes, diff, and main bearings. Which was down to having the car baseline after the winter rebuild and the rear axle being move forward and the entire end float in the engine and trans being taken out. Then again at round 3 major gearbox failures. So I invested in a JW Promod Glide problem solved.

Round 4 and after talking with Trev at length I changed a couple of things on the nitrous.
Bingo 8 seconds backed up with an even quicker 8.8 @ 154mph with 1.46 sixty foot. But it was short lived joy we had melted a piston.

So due to a rebuild we could make round 5. With this in mind I decided to go bigger and the Spider was sent back to Trev for a few more mods. New engine built and ready to go.

Round 6 We were all a little nervous but shouldn't have been we had far too much for the track so had to back everything off to get down in one piece. The track came round and we had a great race against Mats in his Opel and beat him. We had the car set up perfect for the track. Next up was Brian in his Twin Turbo Mustang. The car felt lazy in the burnout and by 1/4 track it became clear why, this time 8 melted pistons and a not happy team.

Back at the workshop we pulled the car apart to find this time I had taken the block as well. We sat down and went through everything. The fuel was drain through the nitrous fuel pump through extra fine filter from the paint shop next door. The nitrous system was stripped to every individual component, nothing.
I've been building a 57 Chevy for my sponsor, so I put my MSD unit on to that and did some test runs. What I found was amazing after 5 test runs the MSD put all the Timing back in. This happened 4 times so no fluke.

500bhp nitrous and no timing retard.

So what now?????????????

After talking at length with Dave Powell Performance unlimited an order was placed for a Ford Motorsport block and further talks with Dave and Jonny Barb I had some pistons made for my block and head combination. The new engine is almost finished I'm hoping to have done by the weekend.

The plan is to have it Dyno'd by the end of the month and back in to do some testing in Feb for the new season.

I'd like to thank my had working crew and backers

Trev (Wizard of Nos)
Southern Batteries and Tyres
Express Gearboxes

Next year were hoping to be pushing for a higher finish in the championship. We already have conformation from Graham and Max from Southern Tyres and Batteries and Trev that they will both be carrying on their support.

1 change for this year is we are hopefully going to be supporting Help For Heroes via our local base at Thorney Island. But I will bring you all more on that as it happens.