This lawnmower does 0-100mph in 6.3 seconds


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Written by Tom Harrison

Honda"s just nabbed itself a Guinness World Record. Its latest Mean Mower" which uses the 200bhp 999cc four-cylinder engine from the company"s CBR1000RR motorcycle is officially the fastest lawnmower from 0-100mph. Because that"s apparently a thing. W Series driver Jess Hawkins set the record last month at the Lausitzring in Germany, with a two-way average of 6.29 seconds. That makes Mean Mower V2 faster to 100mph than an Audi R8, Aston Martin DBS Superleggera or Ferrari Portofino. And none of those can cut grass. Yep to get the record Honda had to prove the Mean Mower, which was revealed last summer, was still capable of mowing a lawn. To that end it has two electric motors powering carbon-fibre blades.

Date written: 10 Jun 2019

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