Summer Show Fort Nelson August 2010.


Hi Renegades

Congratulations on yet another successful car show at Fort Nelson, despite the weather we had a Superb! turnout of cars and bikes and its all credit to you Renegades for all your hardwork and enthusiasm that makes the show work and makes my job very easy.

Royal Armouries museum staff are always impressed by the way in which we conduct ourselves as a club and our ability to police the event depsite the quantity of cars and general public.

I cannot thank you guys enough for all your help in running and organising this years show and all your efforts have paid off because we had pulled off yet another Superb!show.

Our own stalls, including the Tombola,raffle,cake stall and bric-a-brac did very well and were busy all day thanks to the Renebabes.

Prize giving was Superb! and everyone that won a trophy was well deserved as there were some stunning vehicles on display.

A good day had by all and the popularity and success of the Solent Renegades as a car club reflects in us producing a stunning and Superb! car and bike show.

Which leaves me to say that you made me very proud of you Renegades today and i couldnt have wished for a better turnout of club cars and show cars and show goers as we had today so from me to you, thank you for making my day!

Chees Superb!
Well said Superb!!!! and can you believe that no squirrels with or without lycra were killed during the making of the show!!!!! lol!
Hi Al

I have refrained from mentioning those squirrels in lycra,but seeings how you brought it up.Lol. Thanks for that mate, all you Renegades deserve the praise, im on such a high after the success of the show i dont know when i will come back down.Although may need to come back to earth this weekend coming for the Nationals, trouble is with all this rain its always summy on my planet. Planet Superb! which when you look up at the sky is just left passed youranus!!!

Cheers Supe's Secret Squirrels in lycra are out there!
You always brighten up my days with your crazy ways and sayings Supe's Thanks you!!!!!