Some things i require ....


Does anyone out there have any loft boards lying around that they don't require, for my new place.

Does anyone have for sale a step ladder high enough for me to actually get into the loft.

Also because i can't afford a new door yet, does anyone maybe have a thick, plain curtain for pulling across the front door please.

Please PM .
Go onto freecycle Sal as they have loads of stuff like that on there. There was a new door last week as well as black out curtains. I have got loads from this site. You can also give stuff away too. Here is the web address for you
hi wat sort of door is it and wat size also loft boards can be any spare sheet timber ill kepp my eye open wat area you wanna cover, step ladders are harder to come by,
crazy peyte
Well Pete, at the moment i am living ' behind the green door ' :walkman:
And it measures 84 by 196 cm ( curtain rail 120 cm )
as for loft boards, would ideally like to cover 10x10 ft

Cheers Pete