Club co ordinator
Anyone fancy a skittles evening???. Let me know so i have an idea of numbers and will organise something. :)
sounds good to me
It would have to be on a monday or tuesday nite for me, i work the others!!
Ok i will bear that in mind Al. Sally came up with the idea of having it on a Tuesday when we have club. What do you think???
Oi you last 2 posters :eek:fftopic: Get back with the programme!!!

BTW Nigel has informed me that it is at the Golf Club @ Southwick which is on the way to Wickham.
He he we got told off Petey lol !! Ok, skittles night good fun,balls not so heavy !!
count me in - all good fun ! May have to cadge a lift off some kind person though.
Maybe we could have a small raffle, ?1.00 a strip, if everyone brings one of those 'unwanted' Christmas gifts !
Is there a limit on numbers for this place in Wickham ?
No i don't think so Sal. I will chat to Joy about more info as they seems to be quite a response. Watch this space!!
you can grab a ride with us if ya like
Ok Skittles has been booked for TUESDAY 29TH MARCH. This is usually a club night so instead of going to the Farmhouse this week we will go to Southwick Golf Club instead.

Price per person will be ?7 and i will start collecting asap. This includes your games plus a meal. Choices to follow.
I also meant to advise that there are only 45 places available so it will be on a 1st come 1st served basis.
Please note that payment is now required for this event if you have already signed up. Can you please pay next club night (15th March)
There are also still some places available so if you fancy coming along then please let me know. If you have any friends that would like to come along too then they are welcome.