Sabine"s N rburgring van record has been broken


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Written by Stephen Dobie

Another week, another N rburgring lap record. This one"s a wee bit different, though, because it"s not another production" hot hatch with its back seats removed shaving two seconds from its rivals, nor a supercar on special tyres that no normal human will feasibly use on the road. Nope, it"s a van, and which means sad news for TG"s Sabine Schmitz, who"s seen her 10m08s lap record in a Ford Transit beaten by a full ten seconds. The driver in question was British Touring Car Championship star Rob Austin, and the van a Volkswagen Transporter. Not one meticulously prepped by VW in a high-tech lair, rather a rental van from hire company Northgate, who sponsor Rob"s BTCC car. Which, somewhat surprisingly, is an Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Date written: 13 Sep 2018

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