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Can I get peoples opinions on this?

My friend Jennifer is a professional potographer, and a Mk1 Capri driver. She would like to come to our season opener to 'show off' her Capri, but was also wondering if anyone would be interested in having pictures taken of their cars, she has a kit whereby she can take a photo, print off a 6" x 4" print, and put it in a 'school photo' style frame in a matter of minutes. Price for this service is ?5, discount available if having multiple pictures done.

If you want to see what her work is like visit :

Being a newish member, I don't know if anyone already does this, and if so wouldn't want to step on their toes.

What do you all think??
sounds a good idea mate
Will pass the message on, although I have a feeling she will be 'popping up' on here soon!!
That will be me!

As said I can do 6x4 prints on site and take order for other sizes and products.
In the past I've done photography for another company, taking the official photos at last years mini L2B, Land Rover L2B and Brooklands MG day
This year I'll probably be doing the same plus working for myself at the Chichester classic car day and Mini's on the Rec.
If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me!
Come along Jen by all means as there are more then just the Renegades there on the day so who knows. We do have about 4-5 photographers in the club however only amateurs but take great pics also.