Petworth Park Classic Car and Historic Vehicle Show

matt 103

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Petworth Park Classic Car and Historic Vehicle Show

14th july 2012 at petworth park west sussex

i have entry forms for this if anyone interested

it looks like we have nowt on on this day
This is a nice setting for a car show, even better if the weather is kind (one hope's it would be in the middle of July) and we can take a picnic and sit by the lake. Do we need to pay for this one, i looked on the internet but couldn't find it ?
Might be up for this ?
dont think we have to pay have emailed them to find out
Do you mind if i post this on mocgb?
also this is the saturday before prywell show as well so should be a good weekend
I love Petworth park. Great place so should be a great show hopefully. Lets spread the word and see who wants to go. Do you have a flyer for it at all so i can put on facebook?
not sure whats in the email i got will forward it you trace

have just heard back all is welcome to this no age limits . so could be good day out
is any one interested in this if so i'll print some entry forms off for next club nite
I can't make this one, I'll have work as I'm off for a week as from the next day :(
is anyone coming to petworth as we dont need to fill in forms now i have a pass of which we can photo copy if a few of us goin

for any one wanting to come to petworth

we will be meeting up at 9.00 at ind est behind morrisons to leave at 9.15
as gates open at 10 for show vechicles show opens to public at 11.30 closing at 4
Sorry hun can't make this one now as really need to save some pennies and unfortunately can't do them all.
I shall be cooking in the morning for a certain special 18th birthday party in the evening, but if anyone does go have a lovely day and hopefully see some of you in the evening xx
Cant make this one working ,