PArts for Chevrolet G20 wanted



AGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHAHAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Someone hit my van while I was stopped at a roundabout. Back doors in about 6 inches, rear spare wheel carrier a bit bent, Spare wheel popped off the rim and bumper rippled! :001_07:

So if you have any or all of the above, please let me know. Insurance engineer coming out monday and may suggest write-off, but that is not an option.

If anyone can help, please get in touch

sorry to here the bad new i will keep an eyes my car got hit this week no damage i was parked and 1 near miss ppl need to slow down and keep an on on the road
Hi Chris

Sorry to hear of your van woes i will keep a look out for you and let you know of anything.Keep on smiling, it could be worse you could be a Squirrel wearing lycra! Oh no not again, sorry about the lycra thing Chris this infection is getting worse!!!

Cheers Superb!