New years eve party

Crazy Pete

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well the luck family are putting on a new years eve party at there place:clap2: so if your at a loose end
or just fancy gettin together with all ya friends on one of the great nites of the year
then come along BRING YOUR OWN drink tho, disco fun and if ya wanna stay bring ya tent, caravan, dayvan, camper, etc :eyebrows:

BIG box small box is a must for those who know,

you know the date the time is 7.00pm

any questions call me 07798930154

crazy pete:yo:
Will be a good night, we also said to bring a plate of food, ie anything really, I will make some quiches and sarnies, it means everyone can enjoy themselves without getting involved with cooking etc, take care x
Don't forget if you are at a loose end on new years eve then come along and party the night away.