National Classic Drive-It Day. Lysses car park, Fareham?


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Hi All

In the events print-out which Dave (Ford Consul) hands out at our club nights, there is showing a National Classic Drive-It Day event, at Lysses car park in Fareham on Sunday
25th April (tomorrow morning). I think they meet there, then go on a run to somewhere?
I have seen no mention of it on this forum (unless there is and maybe I missed it..apologies if so).
I spectated at the exit of the car park a couple of years ago and there were loads of all types of classics there, bikes and scooters too if I remember.

I am going in the Firebird to have a look anyway, but are any other Renegades going ?

Hi Lorraine

Many thanks for the info.

Hmm, I will give that some thought before the morning.

I will definately go to Lysses and might cruise to Singleton, but not sure about paying ?9 each if we need to "spend a penny" when we get there :eek:
Although it seems that there is a Pub in Singleton village called The Partridge Inn for those who are desparate.

Are you going to any of it?
Anybody else?

I doubt it very much. May get out for a drive later in the day as Lee is planning to work on his bike in the morning. We joined one of their runs a couple of years ago. There was a good turnout and a great selection of cars. Have fun!