Logburner fire bricks.

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I have a logburner that's about 6 years old and the fire bricks have all cracked. So looking on e Bay ranged from 30 to 40quid for pre cut panels fir a set of 3 but non were the size to fit my logburner 1 x e Bay said they would cut to size. So looked around locally found a company that had fire brick slabs sold me a slab for 43quid but I have to cut myself. OK set up today to cut made card board temp plates and from the slab I can get 2 sets of 3.so spare set ready for next time they need replacing easy to cut used angle grinder you can use a handsaw but if you have a band saw even easier.


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Nice, sounds like its saved some money by cutting them yourself, atleast you know they are the correct size. Plus you have a spare for next time, if you remember where you have stored them.


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Nice job 👍
Are they hazardous to cut? Like, do they have asbestos in or anything?