Lego Technic"s new Land Rover has low-range gears and all the cuteness


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Written by Ollie Kew

Apparently there was some sort of new Land Rover revealed this week. Anyway, here"s the news you"ve actually been waiting for you can now have your very own miniature version of the new Defender in Lego. What"s more, this is no toy. Oh no. Just like the full-size Defender has to please the die-hard nutters who want the ability to climb a vertical rock face and wade across the Atlantic Ocean with the windows down, Lego Technic"s new Defender has packed in some serious functionality. So grown-ups can justify buying it too. We"re guilty. You"re unlikely to be impressed by independent suspension. You"re probably not fussed by the operable steering. But then things start getting really nerdy. There"s a six-cylinder engine under the bonnet with a working valvetrain. The gearbox has switchable low and high-range, for those really steep staircases and skirting boards. And you get the roof rack, winch and storage boxes from the Adventure Pack. Who doesn"t love an accessory?

Date written: 11 Sep 2019

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