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Seen adverts on Youtube. Its a protective coasting for the underside fo your car.

Seems very simply to apply. There are different levels of treatment, like greesing inside the chassis rails. I have just gone for the spray to cost the underside of the car. the car is pretty clean underneath, its really a prevantative measure.

I just brought the standard kit. They gave me a link for £5 for anyone that uses this link:-

I have been thinking about doing it for a few months. After a few scrapes on the london speed humps, I want to go under there and make sure things are coated. I hope the tubular torgue arm isn't scraped, it was in that area. At least this stuff will help seal any bare metal.

Has anyone else used it?
its got mixed reviews,
old school was spray underneath with used engine oil sorry redneck way lol,
or buy large bottle of rust treatment and put into spray bottle and spray underneath

you my need to to use some black stone chip paint for some areas?
Car up nice and high. Was going to put the rear end n ramps, but I cannot find what I done with the ramps. Put has a car over it, and I wanted to get treatment on the car and dried before the weekend.


It arrived today. Tub of greese treatment for nut and bolt heads. The spray to coat everytihng underneath. very easy to apply. I need needed to warm up the tub of greese in a sink of hot water to make it a little more easier to paint on with a brush.

I didn't get an after photos, with overalls on, googles and glives, i didn't want to get my phone near it for photos.
I'll get some photos another time.


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if you had got SWMNBO CAR sorted out (shame on you taking so long over it :eek: :p :p ) you could of used the PIT you have so much easier even better if you have a ramp lol do you know anybody with a ramp hint hint lol,,,,,,,,,,

its getting a lot of advertising space that lanoguard never used it myself dose it do the same as other stuff and coverts the rust ? or is it just a coating?