izzy dance school


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hi all wot i need is your surrport as the countcil are trying to close down izzy dance school due to one personwho complaned about noise from the music saide it's to load
You definately have my support, just let me know what you want doing hun x
:censored:thanks jan as soon i no from dave i will let you know.
the evening news is going down to the studio tomorrow night at six o'clock.
it should be in the paper thursday/friday
:eeek:Hi all the photo's were taken on thursday they should have been in the paper on saturday it looks like they will be in on monday now
:Cry:as of the 6th of jan izzy dance skool will close we have one chance to apeel we just have to hope if not we need to help with an apeel to fund the skool please if you can help witch wil mean no french trip
Why don't you have a chat at club tonight and let us know what you need us to do
:thumbup1:sorry had to dash off was on earlys this morning. got two days off now
We need to do some sort of a show or somthing to help raise funds i will talk to dave on thursday and i will put something on the forum and let you know next club night