Hyundai"s hardcore i30N makes us sad on two counts


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Written by Stephen Dobie

This is the hardcore Hyundai i30N Project C. And don"t get too attached, because it"s not coming to the UK. Which is a crying shame. The stock i30N is a brilliant hot hatchback, and this is basically a leaner, fitter version. Hyundai has shaved a fantastically precise 50.004kg from its kerb weight dropping it below the 1.4-tonne mark with borderline flamboyant use of carbon fibre. The forged OZ wheels cut out an astonishing 22kg alone, while Sabelt seats with carbon-reinforced plastic shells slice another 15kg. A further 7.2kg is lost by swapping a metal bonnet for carbon, and keeping it unpainted lends it an air of Megane R26.R. Aka the best hardcore hot hatch ever.

Date written: 12 Sep 2019

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