funny stuff from you tube



If you like that, you'll like this :p

That's so cute :first:


I'm not sure why I find other peoples pain so funny.. What's wrong with me? Haha

If you're trying to post the video, click on the film reel second in from the right when you reply and paste the link ;)
for today ive chosen a song its very very rude has loads of swearing so if you find foul language foul skip this one, honestly this clip is hilarious but extremely rude if any ones unhappy about this post i will remove it as quick as possible
this is so cute
well i've not been shot for my last post in this thread.............yet so heres another its the least offensive one i could find of this artist but again a few rude words so ill remove this if its a bit to naughty

This is rude, you have been warned. I just thought landy bob would appreciate it ;)

geeeez that guy really hates barney, think ill leave the barney costume at home ,

Aussies are so cool as long as there not next door lol

umm !! thats so rude im going to share it with every one i know there might be a swear word or 2