FOR SALE - Various 5.0/302 Mustang Parts

Super Dragpack

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We have just purchased another little Fox project (I'll tell you all about it soon) - but in the deal came lots of parts we have no need for. Here are a few we know we don't need and are therefore for sale:

* circa 1984 Mustang/Capri 5.0 T5 5 Speed Manual gearbox with SBF bellhousing. Has clutch fork and bearing but nothing else (i.e. no gear lever assembly). All seems good but condition unknown. Price - ?200 or open to offers. Would be a great upgrade for an old 3 or 4 speed.

* Propshaft for T5 equiped Fox Mustang (may include with above if you ask nicely). ?35

* Fox Mustang T5 equiped gearbox crossmember/mount - ?20

* 87-93 5.0/302 Upper and Lower Intake. Stock and stripped but good for porting etc. - ?25 both parts

* 87-93 5.0/302 Rocker Covers - good for many older SBF's as clear larger rockers - ?20 pair

* Stock 87-95 5.0 Camshaft - all in good condition - ?15