Firework & Halloween party - Sat 6th November


Club co ordinator
A night of thrills, spills & scary chills

If you have already attended in previous years you will know that you are in for a treat. Thanks to the lovely Luck family who not only supply the venue but also a fantastic firework display plus food & drink at a very reasonable price. All proceeds from this evening then go to charity so the more people the better. We will ask Ian (Coca Cola truck) if he will kindly bring along his rodeo bull again. This was such a big hit last year.

Due to the location of this venue (middle of nowhere in Birdham) there will be a map and directions nearer the time or we may all meet at Pete & Sue's house again like we did last year and hope no one gets lost again.

On top of all the above there is also a disco and Karaoke supplied by our very own Renegade resident DJ, Pete (Blackmagic)

This is definately a fun filled night for all the family so bring along your mum, dads, kids, grannys, grandads, auntys and uncles but not ideal for the pride and joys we like to call our classic cars. Gets very muddy and boggy at this time of year and so wellies or boots are a must. Leave the high heels at home!!!

So come along for lots of fun
Hey Trace, Im a DJ too!!!! Although I'm not working now I used to host Karaoke 6 nights out of 7 and do all the disco sh@t too maybe Pete would let me reserrect my career as a dj and who knows, maybe the renegades band will have a set list by then!!! lol p.s. you didn't mention how much!!!!
well a good write up trace but just spoken to the lucks and the date is sat 6th november this year and the cost of fireworks increases every year, so between me and the luck family we spend over ?1300 on display i would say that there is no entry fee but a donation towards the cost would be appreciated how much is upto you, the only charge is for food and a very good price, your welcome to bring you own drink, as long as you bring me a beer lol, there is coffee tea and soft drinks available there, if it rains we still go ahead and yes of course it would get a bit sticky under foot, but no rain no mud lol, also if ya wanna do a halloween fancy dress thre will be a prize for best outfit, its 7 onwards till the last person goes home it has been known to go on till 3 am, if you wanna camp there let me know, plenty of room for caravan or tents, or dayvans
Date changed and added to calender. I thought i would add it as we seem to yet again have so much going on.

Anyways as for cost Alan as Pete says no entrance fee. Donations greatfully received!!
Haha!!! that was soooo funny. They are getting better every year though still a laugh bless em.
Oh Lorraine dont start me on the time warp again, my inhalor is running out just thinking about it bless, really good entertainment ha ha xx
ok folks had a meeting today with the lucks we are havin a slight change this year we are gonna do a cowboy/western theme so be good chance for those who like to dress up in ya cowboy gear can do so, who am i talking about???? lol. so trace if we can get the rodeo bull this year to that would be great. could you do your bit on that please XXXXX well ill be off now as the sun is calling see yall after hols,
Hope you have a lovely time Pete, apparently its about 30 degrees out there at mo, have a safe flight ?????????????? hang on we coming with you so see ya Monday he he, and see you all after the holiday xx
I know who is gonna love this theme ah Daran (F150) Yehaw!!! i love the theme and so gonna dress up and will get onto Ian about the bull. Great idea.
Hi Renegades

Make sure you put this date in your diary this is not one to be missed we always have such a laugh at the fireworks and entertainment is second to none, and with the cowboy theme its a must, yeha!!!

Rednecks always carry there pecker in there pocket! Superb!
:tt2:hi guys n girls well not long to go, thought i would put a post on here incase you cant make tues night at club, the add to get to fireworks is 105 first ave batchmere if you come off the a27 towards witterings its on the birdham straight turn left into sidlesham lane opposite premier motorhomes follow road till you see first ave on right then follow up till you get to 105. or you can meet at my house at 6.00 onwards and leave bout 6.45. 12 shotford selsey road po207rd about 1/2mile past the total garage (its the only garage on selsey road)we are on right look out for blue lights on house, see ya tues or here or at fireworks,
Blimey Pete i been there twice now and still can't find it so will come to yours as i know where i am going there. I am getting excited about this as i look forward to it every year.
***** UPDATE *****

It has been confirmed that unfortunately Ian & Pauline are unable to come along and bring their Rodeo bull to this event as they are actually away that weekend so looks like more for Karaoke!!! :lalala:
Hey Pete, is it okay if |I hijack and present the Karaoke??? its been a couple of years now for me but i would love to do it to give you a break and chance to enjoy the evening yourself cus i bet its been a few years since you did that....let me know buddy so i can prepare!!!
We dont do the kareoke like normal people we just grab the mic and sing anything that comes up ha ha lots more fun methinks, normally a group of us or me n pete do our sonny and cher impression or trace n h, just go with the flow on a fun night take carexx
hi gang well only a few days to go , been up organising the lucks with there duties lol and sorting workshop took rest of fireworks, just need to finish settin up on friday and sat then let the party begin. mr dj toopy is helping this year so i will be able to socialize more yeha, does he no wat he let himself infor lol, also could i be cheeky and ask for some help wi BBQ as staff a bit light this year the boys manage well but they need a little assistance at first, cheers guys n girls

see yall at the ok coral or the shotford ranch, yeehhaaaaaa
Hey Pete I'm really sorry about having to go early, next year i promice i'll do it alkl, or maybe the xmas dinner dance!!! Many thanks for an awsome night the fireworks were bloddy brilliant just a shame Terri was poorly and that Sam cried over the noise, next year will be better!!! Anyways like i said sorry to dissapoint all, hope i didn't ruin anyones evening! see ya tuesday
Well what can i say ..that fireworks display was one of the best i've seen, absolutely splendid..... so glad i didn't get hit on the head by any of the random sticks falling out the sky!
As for that woman/man with her groovy moves and coming on to Del and H ..was a little worrying but i didn't have nightmares.
The rodeo bull.. well hysterical last time i was like that was on a rollercoaster.
Good music, good people ...GOOD NIGHT !!
It was brilliant wasn't it Sally. We all know how to have fun. How amazing were the fireworks this year? But boy am i paying for all that dancing today. I am knackered!!! Plus i have a very sore throat for all the singing!! Quiet day for H today :)