End of Season Show MASSIVE Thank You!!!!


Club Photographer
I would like to thank everyone who came along to our show today, and what a day it was!!!! You could count on one hand how many small drops of rain fell on us.....phew!!

A massive thank you goes to........Kev Chivers who sorted us out with music at the last minute (you're a life saver)!......Jennie for the raffle (which was a massive success).............and of course Neo!!! Without you I don't think anything would have been announced as we were all chicken to get on that mic, I know I certainly was haha!!

So, all the money raised today is being given to Macmillan Nurses and we raised...........dah dah daaaaaaah............?141.50!!!! ?120.89 of this was from the raffle so we should all be proud of what we've done!!!

There was a total of 87 vehicles in attendance today and the turnout was amazing considering it was grey and threatening to rain all day!! So there were plenty of vehicles to choose from to award the trophies to!!! So this is how they ended up......

Voted by The Farmhouse's Manager Alex;

Best Car - Aidie and his Ford Mustang! (Forgive me if I have spelt your name wrong)

Best Day Van or Pick-up - Tim Luck and his Day Van!

And lastly voted by the public;

People's Choice - Mark and his Ford Crown Victoria Police Car!!

A big congratulations to all three of you and hope you all put your trophies out on show!!

The day was rounded off nicely with the last Southsea Cruise of the year...........the rain even stayed away for this too!!! Again, another great turn out with a variety of vehicles!!

And again, a big, big, big thank you to everyone who came along today and made it what it was!!!! Big smiles all round :D
Well done Sarah and the Renegades for a great show well organised and a Superb! turnout of cars, A BIG THANKYOU! to everyone for making me feel so welcome and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Cheers Superb! Tally Ho Chocks Away!
Blimey Sarah, You must be Adies lucky mascot - first time ever he has got anything! Anyways a great day well done.

Just also to mention with thanks the Luck chap (sorry get mixed up with your names!) who put out the parking cones very late on saturday night and Malc and co, manning the entrance to the car park a big well done to you all.

Oh and we enjoyed the music too - didn't realise it was last minute.

Nice to see Steve (Supes) again too - you're looking well.

Sarah - got a nice birthday present ready for you!

Julie n Ade
OH NO! I didnt know music was last second - The music was spot-on, Kev! Grand job, especially it being last minute. I was signing to most of the selection (not out loud of course) ;)

Thanks for a lovely show, everyone! It was fun :)