Easter Thunderball


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Easter through my eyes.

Thursday we set off at 3 pm all going well till the front wheel bearing collapsed on the motorhome at newbury ish. I had the motorhome trailer can car recovered to the pod on the back of what has to be said as massive truck.( bare in mind my combo is 48ft)

Finally finished setting up about 2.30 am. Up at 6 to sign on while the lads cleaned the car srutineered and ready to race by 9.

first run: no gas(new engine) 11 something
run2: 150 shot in over 2 seconds, let go of the transbrake hard hit then no first gear very early shift to second 10.2.
Back in the pits pull our new ?5k promod box we had stripped the brake band, box rebuilt.
Run 3: another check out pass9.8
Run 4: over fuelling and stalled
Run 5: still fuelling problems but 9.2
We drew Dave Murdock in his 33 Willy's
the plan was to hit it a little harder of the line the result was wheels up to the ponit I couldn't see the track. while the wheels were up the rears broke free and the car turned towards the tree. As Trev said then it was chase time but the fact that the reaction was 0.05 60ft over 2 seconds,1/4 was 9.5 @153 are all good signs.
if you can watch it in slowmo
was a good weekend ron, weather hot racing good adam got into finals dialled in at 9.30 for last run against bob had one second staggered start, he chased bob up the strip and somehow found a bit more power than he needed and broke out with a 9.24? where that came from dont know as he was running 9.34/32/and 9.30 all weekend, hell thats racing eh.