Drive in Movie, Canford Park Arena, Poole, Dorset, May 2010 date tbc.



Had this email from Paul, the organiser of the drive in movies .........

Hi Chris

Good to talk to you this morning.

As discussed we are going to return to Canford in May at dates to be confirmed for 3 nights of movies and following our chat at last year`s event I was wondering if your group could suggest a car orientated movie that could be used in May.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Best Regards

CLICK HERE to see Canford Park Arena website.

We had some fun last year and some of the Renegades and Renebabes made a weekend of it.

So .... can you think of a good car movie that would appeal to us all?

Put it here.

Drive safe.
Here are some to get the thought juices flowing .....

Days of Thunder
Herbie Rides Again
The itallian Job (The 1969 version)
Two Lane Black Top
Vanishing Point
The Car (1977)
Pixar Cars
American Graffitti
Smokey and the Bandit
Gone in 60 Seconds.

Any more ...........
That was a fab weekend last year so hopefully we can join you again this year. I have one request please - NO MAMMA 'BLOODY' MIA again. Thank you:cool:
Cant wait for this one again Chris, really enjoyed last year. I like Mama Mia Trace although its not really car orientated. The original Gone in 60 seconds is good as well, but I do think American Graffitti is an excellent film, take care xx:clap:
so far then .... No to Mama Mia, and original Gone in 60 seconds, will pass the messages on! Thansk for the ideas.
If my memory serves me correctly wasnt thee a film called Hooper with Burt Reynolds as a stunt driver, and another one called driver with Ryan Oneil ? xx
You know there is Mum cos me & Dad used to watch them all the time when i was younger. I liked Hooper. Would love to see Bullitt again. What about Fast & Furious?
Just had a note from the organiser of the drive in movies, as follows .......

Hi Chris

I hope you are well.

I am afraid that we are not going to be able to show Cars at the Drive Ins as we do not feel that it would be commercially viable to show this film so we are currently proposing the following.

Thursday April 22nd The Italian Job ( Michael Caine version)
Friday April 23rd This Is it
Saturday April 24th Up

I hope that you understand our thoughts on this matter.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best Regards

And free entry for display cars. If you want to come just let me know.

Drive safe.
When i first read this i thought you meant we couldn't show our cars at the drive in because he didn't say the movie 'cars' but then re-read and made a bit more sense when i got to the bottom.

But please tell me why oh why are they playing a fantastic movie on the Thursday Night when half of us can't come and Michael Jackson rubbish on the Friday night. I would have rather sat through Mamma Mia again!!! Oh well can't please everyone i guess.
I will put that point to the organisers .... keep watching this space

Drive safe.
Just heard from the organisers .... they have only sold 30 tickets to the 3 drive in nights. They are looking at possibly cancelling the drive ins this time round. They will let me know for definate tomorrow, so if anyone is / was coming, have a look at this forum tomorrow, Tuesday.

Drive safe .......
Just a thought, maybe a change of films would be more beneficial to them take care x
Exactly thats why we decided against coming because of the film choice.
Couldnt agree more about the film choice, we did have some great suggestions! But we arent paying the bills! But any way .........

The shows are ON!!!

If anyone wants to cruise in, McDonalds, Wessex Gate, Holes Bay Road, Poole meet from 7pm and will be leaving at 7.30pm for the cruise to Canford Parkl Arena.

Drive safe.