Congratulations Aimee


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H & I would like to congratulate Aimee (Martyn - with the police car - daughter) on passing her driving test today. Another Renebabe has been born!! :clap:
Well done Aimee.
Zoe had her test yesterday, didn't pass but didn't fail either...........
30 mins in, with only 2 minors, she got a puncture!!!!!!! how unlucky is that?
Now she has to rebook and pay for another test!
She shouldn't have to pay for another test Lorraine as the car wasn't suitable for a test and that is surely not her responsibity. She will get there eventually and i have everything crossed for her.
Hi Renegades

Another Renebabe Aimee now on the road after passing her driving test, well done! Aimee will soon be driving a V8, now im scared!!

Cheers Superb!