Coastview Classic and American Car Show



Need I say more, Dorset Car Clubbers got trounced by the Renegades on the show field this year! We will try and get at least a few points back next year!

Speaking with the Park owner today .... he is looking at making the stay a bit longer .... Thursday 14th October 2010 to Monday 18th October 2010.

All sorts of accomodation is available, from take your own tent or caravan to mobile home or chalet. Special rates, will be published soon, for people with show cars.

Great entertainment every evening and a treasure hunt and cruise on the Saturday and the main show day on the Sunday.

We had a great time this year and hope some more of you will be able to get there in 2010!




See you there and drive safe.
You can count on us again, brilliant weekend, will try and get a few more Rens to go as well take care xx
We had a great time and will be there again next year however we are still waiting for our trophy. Bloody posties i bet!!! :mad:
OK so only a couple of weeks away now. Coastview is a fun weekend with a small smidgen of beer, a little entertainment, a short cruise and some great laughs.

If you want to be there, call Helen at Coastview on 0844 567 8977 and book your chalet, caravn, or take your own home with you. There will be a discount for those who show their cars.




See you there.
Forgot to mention the date again! 15th - 18 October.
Hey Chris

Well would have liked to have gone again this year as we did have fun last time. However we feel extremely disappointed that they couldn't even be bothered to post our trophy that we won so feel a tad let down and don't really want to support them again this year. I know that sounds rather un-sportsman like but the truth is it is also quite a long way for a weekend especially as H doesn't get home from work until 7pm on the Friday night. Plus the cost of fuel/accommodation etc is a bit beyond our budget at the moment.

Anyways hope you have a good time
No probs Trace, and I will again have words with those who do / did the trophies last year. We will think of you with a beer in hand.

Drive safe.
Hi Renegades

This sounds like a great show so anyone interested see Tracy or contact Chris at the Dorset car club, just a reminder our last Southsea Cruise is on Sunday the 17 October. This will clash with this weekend away unless you come back early would be nice to see as many Renegade cars as poss on the cruise, and please no burnouts lets keep it safe.

Cheers Superb! Our club motto, in case none of you know, is "Better to burn out than fade away" but not literally in the sense of the word.