Clubnite Tues 2nd Feb


Hi Renegades

Sorry for my absence last club nite i was visiting my Dad in hospital recovering from a hernier operation, he is doing fine and at home now. I hear it was another good turnout so a big well done to you all.

We have been asked as a club to do various charity functions this year,Tony from the Eagle Riders has been in touch and has asked for some help in raising money for a little lad called Harvey from Portsmouth who is raising money to go abroad for some life saving treatment.We were talking about selling tickets at our event in April at the Farmhouse for a ride on a Harley or ride in one our cars.Let me know what you think? We have also been asked to support an event for young kids at Fort Purbrook on Sun 16th May. This is a show at the Fort and we have been asked to put on a display of cars along with some Harleys, nearer the time if your up for it let me know.

I know ive said it before, the club at present is full of enthusiasm and everyone seems very upbeat and keen,so keep up the good work im loving your enthusiam and support for the Reneades and we are heading for some fun and exciting times.

Cheers Superb!
Hi Superb. Hope your dad is ok!! I think we should sell tickets for a ride in one of our cars. The renegades usually will have a spare seat. If it is for people we dont know then it could be difficult because 1. we don't know them so we don't know what they are like and 2. they might not be willing to give up a seat for charity. So maybe just keep it between people we know for the rides in the car?