Christmas Carol Concert


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HI Guys and Gals,

Just in case anyone is interested I have the Victory Primary School coming to my shop for a Chritmas Carol Concert om Tuesday 14th Dec at 13:30hrs, will be good to see anyine who turns up to give the kids their support!!!!

The address is

Buns & Baps
313 London Road, Hilsea

Hope to see you there!!!!!!!
We enjoyed listening to the school children singing there carols, they did very well.
Nice grub too. Thanks Al and Teri

Me, Katy and Del
Thanks for coming Sal!! A big thanks to You, KT and Delboy for the support!!!!

Thanks again

Alan & Terri
yeh thanks sal and del for poppin down to our shop . your support is appreicated xx .

wish i cudda been there me self but work calls xx

thanks again guys
I would liked to have gone too but it was a bit short notice. I could have dragged Mum and Nan along. I love a good old sing song at Christmas x

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