Cheap CAD Drawings and Laser Cutting



Cheep CAD drawings and laser cutting
Hello, thought some of you on here might be interested in this:
I've just started up a little business after quitting my job in the summer last year. I'm offering CAD drawing services to anyone and everyone from businesses to individuals. This can reduce the cost of laser cutting and other CNC work by quite a bit.

The drawings I produce can be used to make exhaust flanges for turbo conversions, inlet manifold flanges for throttle body and carb' conversions or custom foot pegs, bar ends or number plate brackets for bikes etc the possibilities as they say are endless.

To give you an idea of how much I could save you, I generally quote at just over half the price of CNC firms for the drawing side of things. You can then take the drawings back to the laser cutters or I can send them off to companies that I know and post the finished pieces to you.

I'm a car and bike enthusiast too so understand all the ideas and theory behind what you're doing and also just enjoy working on bits for cars and bikes over my everyday work.
There's some examples below of some bits I've done, one of which is an exhaust manifold flange for a methanol drag car. Any questions just give me a call or email me on the address below!


Tel: 01403 268500
Mob: 079600 76 235



Hi Anthony

Welcome to the club mate, maybe some of our members can use your services, catch up with us sometime it would be good to meet you.

Cheers Superb!
hi and Welcome