car show


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hi, i found out that there is another car show on this sunday at southsea common. As well as ours ,does any body know about it cause it could be a problem for turn out of numbers and people. mick
Yeah its the 'Drive it day' and starts at 11am Mick. There are more details on the calendar section. It might actually also be beneficial to us as they may finish there and then come on to us for ours and to also cruise.
That will be mostly old brit stuff, we will probably attract more yanks at the Farmhouse.
Cool even better. I didn't exactly know what it was but thanks for clearing that up Chris.
I saw that was on tomorrow and I must admit, I had wondered if it might affect our turn out. It runs from 11 until 4 and as ours starts at 1, I expect people who want to do both events might go down there first, then come to ours after. But I agree, it will probably boost our cruise numbers :thumbup1:

Here you go....

I will be popping down to cordon off our bit of the car park late tonight.
See you tomorrow folks.