Car Club


I have seen many of your cars before at the Waterlooville shows and various school fetes, and i wish i could afford to own one myself. But thats just a dream.
I have been coming to club nights since August now and would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all those that have made me feel so welcome.
I have made some lovely friends and many of those look out for me.
I've enjoyed coming and watching the cruises and hope to ride in some more of the cars this year.
I've enjoyed the social side of the club too.
So thanks again Guys and Gals
P.S Trace can i become a core member yet ??
Ah bless ya little cotton socks, was it only August, feels like I have known you for a lot longer, and Im sure when the cruises start you can go in any car u want babe, in fact why wait till the cruises Wheels day is at Easter, first show of the season, and as long as it aint rainin we all normally go, so you will have the pick of them all lol xx take care hun and glad you are in the renegades xx
Is a super duper core member ok. Thanks Dan. BTW Dan when you gonna update the members/cars listing i gave you???? We have many members that have been with the club for ages and still not on there.