Buster Langs car show


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Hi All

This is a brand new show just starting.....


.....No idea what it's going to be like but could probably do with some support.
Remind us nearer the time looks good might be worth puting on the mocgb site as well?
Thought i reconised the avitar picture, have you been to this show before?
No, it's a brand new show.
Have posted On a few other forums I use :biggrin: and also sent a message to the organizer as the Post code stated Does not compute on any of the route finders or Google Maps I use :frusty:
No i don't think so Pete. One day show only.
Is there a cruise up for this show??
Suppose we could meet at Morrisons Horndean to leave at 09:00. However, if the weather is bad I'll probably give it a miss, long way off yet though.