Breakfast Run

By rights Ade i believe it should be this Sunday. Always 3rd Sunday of the month. We are having a club meet tonight so no doubt will be discussed then and so will update you.
As discussed at club last night it was decided that the brekkie run would be postponed on Sunday and moved to the following Sunday 28th.
I take that means that none of you will be racing I thought that was the great showdown between Dan and Paul. If you not doing it now you better update that thread. Just in case anyone goes up to watch it. Just a thought
I don't think it was actually planned for that weekend anyway however Dan has already updated the thread so watch this space for further updates.
breakfast run was great today breakfast was huge and they arranged for us to sit on one table then cruised to bognor with consul dave and
went on pier for 2p sloties and watched the boys on guitars wich pulled a crowd, then into a cafe renegades in the house!!! great morning thanks to those who braved the weather, great morn, pete n sue
great breakfast run 7 cars turned out, Pete n Sue, Malc Fran n Jo, Joy n Mick, Julie Ade n Boys, Trace n H, Dave, Obviously us two and two new membersJamie n Liz with a really nice old school trans am. Well done for turning out in horrible conditions, a really huge brekkie with a stroll along the prom afterwards. Thanks to Pete and Sue for organising this one. Well done xx:)
What a fab brekkie run and even though it rained to start of with, it was all over by the time we went for our stroll. Big thanks to the staff & especially Sam the chef for making us feel so welcome and making the effort to make sure we had everything we needed. Definately a venue to visit again for sure.


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Ha Ya all!
Looks like you all had a good time on the brekkie run, so sorry we didn't make it.
I will keep a lookout for the low flying helicopters, and that some big ice cream they sale in Bognor
hope you enjoyed Dave & Sue He! He!

F150 cowboy Daran & Diane.