Bonfire & Halloween party


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What a fantastic night. Loads of food, drink, bangs and a big bull!!
Ian (coca cola truck) kindly brought along his Rodeo Bull and was a hit with everyone. The longest that a guy stayed on was for 69 seconds. I personally couldn't even get on it let alone stay on it as it was so high up!!! aAlso a big, big thankyou to the Luck family for making it yet another sucessful event and to kindly open their home and farm to us all. Plus the added bonus of making money for charity.

Talking of charity, a young man who we all know by the name of 'Tucks' did a sponsered shave for testicular cancer. Safe to say it was of his goatee and moustache and no where else!! Thank you Tucks for the entertainment and i am sure you will get used to it Rach!! (it will always grow back..hopefully)

Also well done to Consul Dave who won first prize in the best fancy dress outfit. He was Dracula for the evening.

Have a look at my album for some memorable moments of the evening.


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Haven't posted an album yet as my internet connection is having a funny 5 minutes so when its behaved itself i will try again!! :001_07:
As ive written on many posts how much of a great night we had, I wont go on any further, only to say we had a great night!

The fancy dress was well thought out, and when somone asked Consul Dave how he got there (believe he had car problems!) surely the only answer could have been 'he flew...' well duh!

As for the facial hair, its safe to say that yes it is growing back, and it is now a case of - 'let the growth begin'. I have 30 days to have a respectable moustache with which to parade to the world. Its going to be 'a Lemmy' for most of the month as this will give me the most opportunity to choose a final style - any ideas? Hulk Hogan is favoured thus far! No Magnum PI im afraid!