Birdham Jubilee Fair and Car Show 14th July 12 - 4 pm


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For anyone not going to Petworth and fancy a trip out I am helping host a small Car show for anything over 25 years old or American at Birdham on the recreation field. Show is from 12 - 4pm, but anyone coming please arrive between 11-11:30 so you can be parked up before the rest of the show starts.

Already coming are:-
Black Magic
Luck boys in both day vans and their classics
Alan and Jennie Baker in both vans
3rd Gen Tom if his car is alive
and a selection of the Manhood Classic Car Enthusiasts

Getting there is easy, just like going to the Luck's, follow the A27 to Chichester, go south on the A286 to Birdham you will come onto a long straight road (the Birdham straight), at the end you will see the field on the right, pass the field, turn right into Crooked Lane, and follow back on yourself and into the field. Any probs give me a call on 07824 566606.
Cancelled due to wet field and not enough people with webbed feet.
This has been re-booked for Sunday 9th September from 2pm to 5pm, cars to be in place by 1pm.

Sorry for the short notice.