Bespoke exhaust/silencing


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I have a '65 Mustang with 347 stroker. It is ridiculously noisy & I want to run it on Track Days, so need it to be less than 105dba at 3/4 revs (static). Can anyone recommend a firm that can supply & fit a suitable system ? Obviously I don't want to kill the power.
Some of the Guys on the Mustang Owners club ( ) do regular track days and may be able to offer some advice. There are a few companies around here who can make exhausts up but I'm not sure if they have race experience. Most of the Renegades are more into Drags than twisty turny stuff.
i don't know if it would get the noise down enough , but i have seen alot of kit cars and specials at track days with an extra silencer which fits on the end of the tailpipe.
only attached by a jubilee clip and therefore easily removable for road use seem to stock these , to reduce exhaust noise by about 7 db

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