BBQ Malc and Fran's

malc 23

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Lawns mowed, Gazebos up, rubbish hidden, sheds polished, fine weather oredered, just need to add RENEGADES!!!!!! for "Belated 4th July BBQ" :chef: Don't forget its this Sat night 9th anytime after Anyone going to George and Falcon can follow us home, if you need the address please phone me 07718246224.
Just bring what you are drinking.Ps. If you want to dress-up please do!!!
dress up dont make me laugh:laugh:..
did you say you had ordered the sun?????????????:cool3: cos it's raining and forcast say's rain for weekend as well dam..
Hey you know us Renegades we love to dress up!!! Looking forward to it Malc and i have been doing my sundance all day :)
Thank you for a very warm welcome last night .
thanks malc fran and jo . for a great nite all totally enjoyed ourselves
Yes, thank you all, it was a lovely evening,
and Malc, .... looking forward to my ride in the old 'Pop' ...... ''yeah Ratfansssssss'' :lol:
:hail:Thank you for a good BBQ Although I could not stay long it was deviantly enjoyable ( I only just made it to my army buddy's passing out:thumbup: party In time Lol)...Next time my weekend might not be so hectic.. Fitted the air-filter yet :whistling: